These pages highlight my personal collection of Bexley fountain pens.  While I do not have every model that
has been produced by Bexley, I do have a good representation and hope you find the photos and information
both enjoyable and useful.  I would invite you to visit the
Bexley web site to view the current collections

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The Gemstone collection debuted in 2000 (or maybe 1999) in four colors.  Inspired by the ribbed barrels of the Waterman
100 Year Pen, the
Gemstone was offered in  Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald transparent and solid Onyx.  Click here for a
period ad.
Introduced in 2001, the Sleeve Filler featured a threaded sleeve on the barrel end that, when turned counter-clockwise,
exposed the presser bar for filling the pen.  This system has also been called a sleeve filler and a thumb filler.  Colors included
Terracotta, Camouflage, Cracked Ice, Black, and Arctic Blue (not shown).  Early production pens were imprinted on the cap as
shown.  The imprint was dropped from later pens.
Another 2001 introduction was the Classique, a large flat top pen, again a C/C filler.  Colors included the Cracked Ice, Blue
Pearl, and Red Pearl.  This is the older style Cracked Ice material, not like the currently available pattern.  I seldom ever see
one of these for sale.  Click
here for a period ad.
Custom versions of the Sleeve Filler were also produced.  Pictured below is one in Orange Lightning produced for Avalon Pens
to celebrate their 12th Anniversary.
Produced around 2002, the M100 never made it into production as a regular issue.  It
was used for Limited Editions for Bertram's Inkwell, the Blue Lightning, and Jim
Gaston, the Yellowjacket.  Both those are shown below with an Orange/Black